This is a success story of my growth as a developer and human being–what I've done, achieved and learnt in life. Emphasis is on web development because that's my profession. I'm a humble person but not today.

The story begins from the bottom of the page.


Antelope Canyon


I returned to the e-commerce business when the largest online retailer in Finland, Oyj, recruited me in 2016. In the same year I visited USA first time (Utah, Arizona, Colorado) which got me to travel more outside of my home continent to Japan, China, Korea, Israel, Palestina, Jordan, USA again (East Coast), New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam. Exploration is still fun.

At I've been working in Web Team that is responsible for the customer web site of the company. I've been doing front-end developing, back-end developing, usability designing, scrum mastering, backlog redefining, serving investors and doing simple data analyzing. Main technologies being plain text, Trello, Spreadsheets, Git, PHP, SQL, JS, CSS, React, Symfony.

I've been also writing lots of articles, swimming more than ever and skipping too many beers.

Some of my recent years articles:



The capital Helsinki and JavaScript entered my life when I started working in an international corporation with lots of business people (Management Events). It was hectic.

The best part of the new job was being able to work in remote and live in Barcelona to experiment the tremendous country – especially Catalonia, the region of art.


Travelling in Europe

While practicing my profession I also wanted to understand more about the world and human being. I read books about economics, history, politics and travelled to 24 countries in Europe. Many topics were studied both in theory and in field (reports).


Master's Thesis

After graduation I got a new job in a web software house (Koodiviidakko). During the next five years I was involved in numerous projects from the customers' legacy systems to in-house products such as an e-commerce web site platform (ViidakkoStore) which was also a topic of my Master's Thesis.



The first version of my biggest web site project (Moposite) was created in 2000. Building four major versions and administrating a web site of 1500 daily visitors nearly for a decade was a comprehensive self-taught course about web development and project leadership online.


Tutkijoiden Lappi

While studing my Master's degree in information technology I was also working for the University of Oulu. Some of the extra works in addition to general IT support were Tutkijoiden Lappi expedition gallery (still running in 2020) and renewing the web sites of the Department of Dermatology and Department of Gynaecology.

A larger software project (Virtual Exam System) was also implemented and a private company (Lassitek) was established when the Universities of Tampere and Turku wanted to acquire the system as well.



During the university years I had more time to focus on sport. I beat many personal records such as 1/4 triathlon in 3:04:31 and bicycling 260 kilometers in one go.

I also programmed and organized an online sport competition (Liikuntoilu) in 2007. The competition ended in 2015. Bronze to me.



Thanks to a local beverage company to give me my first laptop after buying (and selling) 1500 litres of Pepsi. That was also a topic of my first web article.



Army is a good place to learn both leading and being led but also tolerance and resistance – especially in hardship.


Rovaniemen maalaiskunta

After getting driving licenses me and my friends toured Lapland first and soon after the whole Finland. The goal to pose in all 440 Finnish municipalities was achieved in 2012.


Study of Ilmari Kianto

My digital era started when I first time browsed World Wide Web in 1996. A bit later I learnt a little bit programming in school (Pascal, QBasic) and created my first web page in 1998. Finally I bought my first computer in 1999. One year later I rebuilt the web site of my school (Kastelli Upper Secondary School) when I was 17 years old.

Publishing a literature study of Ilmari Kianto in the permanent exhibition in his home town library was another big achievement before the university life.


Bike gang

Physical exercise is my nature. Six gold medals in primary school in skiing, running and shot put. Also keeping eye on surroundings has always been on agenda.


I was born in Suomussalmi, Finland. The town is known by the author Ilmari Kianto and Battle of Raate road. I'm influenced by both.