Summary: Web development has been my passion since 1998. I've been involved in number of websites, roles, jobs and technologies. Many skills have been learnt, even mastered, and it's not only tech stuff, I've got experience in business and managing too. Some of the items in my current toolbox are JavaScript, PHP, PostgreSQL, Node.js, React, Symfony, Git and AWS.

If you are in a hurry, you should get a clue by reading only the texts in bold.


This is a story of my growth–what I've done, achieved and learnt in life. Emphasis is on the web development skills because that's my profession. I've always been an active doer, constantly trying to progress, build, develop, improve, optimize, hack things and myself. I'm an optimizer, an engineer, a shaper and a developer for life.

I was born in Suomussalmi, far away in Finnish hinterland. Life was simple and boring but I learnt to like exercicing, particularly skiing and running. Fortunately my family moved to Oulu, the fifth most populated city in Finland where the 90s tech boom, with Nokia, was just about to kick in. We had school classes about programming (QBasic), IRC and building websites from scratch–not by FrontPage, lucky me! But even more than that I got enthusiastic about a simple computer game named Action SuperCross and it's sequal, Elasto Mania, so much that I had to get a computer of my own. The year was 1998 and I was 15 years old.

I went totally crazy with playing Elasto Mania and creating websites for the community–Moposite is still up and running but it's not gathering 1500 daily visitors anymore. Besides getting several great friends and lots of fun I learnt HTML and CSS very well, because for the sake of perfectionism, I wanted to get the website to satisfy all the usability, accessibility and validity conventions as well as to get them working in older browsers and handheld devices. Back then it wasn't an easy task. In the end I finally understood that by aiming for perfection you get nothing completed. Instead, it's ROI to look at.

The achievement I'm most proud of is the grade 10/10 in physical education both in lower and upper secondary schools (yläaste and lukio in Finnish). To get the best grade one must be in good shape but also a team player and sportsmanlike, a fair fellow. Another thing of that period I'm really proud of is the 30 pages long study about a Finnish author, Ilmari Kianto. The paper ended up to a permanent exhibition of the local library where Kianto lived.

In the upper secondary school, 2000-2002, me and my friend renewed our school's website and we were also so-called roots, jacks of all trades in computer stuff. My first real jobs were user testing (Nokia), lawn mowing and maintaining the results service in the sport competitions (City of Oulu). I graduated from the Reserve Officer School with good grades (RUK in Finnish).

I got my Master of Science (M.Sc) degree in technology in 2010 major being information engineering. I didn't find all the courses motivating but in my own projects I learnt the PHP, MySQL and web servers which I was more interested in. While studying in the university I was working as a part-time IT consultant in the faculty of medicine in the University of Oulu. I also created with my Danish partner, a virtual exam system, a web software (PHP, MySQL) that later got sold to two other universities as well. My own consulting firm (Lassitek) was founded in 2007.

During the university years I bought 1500 litres Pepsi and beat my personal records in the longest continuous endurance exercices: swimming 7.5 km, skiing 55 km, walking 62 km, running 42 km, cycling 260 km and eating 10.25 McDonald's cheeseburgers. Endurance sport is my meditation. Trekking and visiting all the 440 Finnish towns with my friends were also something I spent a lot of time on.

In 2009 my dream came true when I was chosen as the 16th employee to a Finnish web software house, Koodiviidakko. During the first year in the company I composed my Master's thesis, Implementation of an E-commerce Platform. Nowadays ViidakkoStore is one of the main products of Koodiviidakko.

During the five year period in Koodiviidakko I was involved in dozens of different projects from the modern product development to customers' legacy systems. I gathered valuable experience in advanced PHP, PostgreSQL, MVC, JavaScript, SVN, REST, jQuery, unit testing, Debian, Apache, bash, JSON and several APIs including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Roughly half of my work was done in the Oulu office and other half in remote from Kuopio where we moved because of my ex-girlfriend's studies. Later we ended up to Tampere, Helsinki and Barcelona for the same reason.

In 2014 I was recruited as a software developer to a company (Hjärnbruket) which offers services for a company that is operating in the management level business services sector (Management Events). Most of the co-workers had business background and were non-Finns so English was used on daily basis. Our IT team was carrying out the digitalization leap of the company which meant three big things from the hands-on perspective: building centralized REST API, creating new JavaScript based services and outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe. Some of the new technologies we used to accomplish that were Yii, Symfony, Node.js, Grunt, Backbone.js, AngularJS, Git, Mercurial, BitBucket, GitHub, SCRUM, TargetProcess, Jenkins, Composer, nginx, EC2 and Route 53.

After two and half intensive years in hectic international environment I returned to e-commerce business and started as a web developer in Oyj, the largest online retailer in Finland. Our team is building the main site of the company and some of the technologies used, and new to me, are React, AMP, hapi.js, Trello, MongoDB, Sass, BEM, Flexbox, Babel, Webpack, Redux and universal rendering. I got a Scrum Master certification although my primary role is developing. I tried Go too.

Besides I read alot. After university I read mostly programming literature to become a professional like some of my teammates. Later I started to study other fields too, economics, history, psychology, to understand more the whole world and human beings. Travelling and socializing are also of great worth.


Learn, run, have fun!